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​How to store food without using glad wrap

Posted by Lisa Madarasz on

Believe it or not there was life before Clingfilm. You’d be surprised by the way some people find it so hard to give it up. It is really just a matter of getting your head around it and having some good alternatives. It doesn’t need to cost a whole heap of money either.

I gave up glad wrap about 6 years ago now and appart from the odd really awkward thing I dont miss it at all.  I have my own personal arsenal that does the trick.

My favourite cling film alternatives

1. Just put a plate over it, simple yet effective, I do this in the microwave as well. This is handy for keeping things in the fridge but can be a bit dangerous if you stack your fridge to the gills like I do. You don’t need any fancy new accessories.

2. Store food in reusable containers or my personal fav - glass jars (completely free too)

3. Use beeswax wraps. You can find honeywraps here or make your own here.

Honey wraps are great for covering the ends of cheese or wrapping sandwiches but they aren’t watertight.

They are made from organic cotton and water based non-toxic inks and are compostable at the end of their life which is usually about 1 year.

4. For an airtight seal I love my Agreena Silicone clingfilm wraps, they are a bit sticky and there is a bit of a knack to using them without throwing a tanti, but once you have mastered it, they are awesome and can be used anywhere you’d use cling film.

They last forever and just return them to us at the end of their life and we’ll send them back to get made into new ones – nice.

They are also multi-functional but more about that later.

5. For larger lunchbox items I either use my extra large Honeywrap or wrap it in a cloth napkin

Anyhoo these are just a couple of ideas that I use so please share your ideas too.