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DIY Backyard Dog Poo Composter

Posted by Lisa Madarasz on

As much as I love my dog this is definitely not my favourite end! I also hate the idea of something as biodegradable as doggy do going to landfill so I had a wee nosy around at the options that were available out there and thought I'd share them with you.

The Rubbish Bin

When you think of how often your dog poops (at least twice a day for us) that's 700 odd bundles a year per beast. If you have a think about it and then multiply it out per dog you can see just how unsustainable that idea is. Even worse if you are using plastic bags to gather it up with. Even if you are reusing plastic bags double use is not really much better than single use and they still end up in landfill.

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Commercially Available Pet Waste Composters

There are ready made options like the Bokashi Ensopet. These are great for the less die hard DIYers but they cost around $80 and were way too small for our needs.However the Ensopet Starter is the perfect product to use to provide the right micro-organisms to make sure the waste breaks down rapidly, and it only costs around $18.

DIY Backyard Pet Poo Composter

And here we come to option three. To be fair they are pretty easy to make and you have the advantage of making one the size required for your pet. Anything from a bucket - to a bin depending on your needs, as long as it has a lid.

Cut the bottom off or drill holes in it.

Best to find a quiet corner in the garden away from your veggie patch. 

Dig a hole to fit your bucket with just the top poking up so you can easily get the lid on and off.

Add some stones or gravel to the bottom for drainage.

Pop your first donation in and sprinkle some Ensopet Starter (available online or at your wholefood shop), some compost from your compost bin or some septic tank starter powder (available in most hardware stores). This will accelerate the breakdown of the dog waste, eliminate the smell and help kill any pathogens (worms, bugs) in the compost. 

Too easy!

Find step by step instructions with pictures HERE

I like these bags which mean I can just throw them directly in the composter - too easy