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What's the to-do About Solid Shampoo?

Posted by Lisa Madarasz on

80 billion plastic bottles from shampoo and conditioner alone enter our oceans every year. By 2050, scientists estimate there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. People are starting to ask questions about how we can reduce our contribution to this staggering waste.

There are many ways we can change our consumption to reduce our impact - after all that is something we can control directly. There are now many plastic-free options for everyday products popping up and Solid Shampoo Bars are the latest in the backlash against conventional products. 

Solid shampoo bars look and feel just like a bar of soap and generally come with minimal packaging, they are also generally natural and palm oil free but it always pays to check to avoid companies that use greenwashing.

The base of most bars are a blend of olive oil or coconut oil with softer oils like castor oil or mango butter for its hair conditioning properties. Different essential oils are included for their cleansing properties and aroma.

How Solid Shampoo Bars Work ?

Many conventional shampoos are full of synthetic waxes and surfactants. Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulphate which are known irritants, petroleum based oils, fragrance and other chemicals that are harsh on our hair and skin.

Shampoo bars are designed to gently clean your hair without removing your hairs natural, protective oils.

How do I use my Solid Shampoo Bar?

They are easy to use too. Just wet your hair and shampoo bar and stroke your bar down the hair from the roots to the tips around 3- 5 times until you feel it start to lather. It is better to run in the direction of the hair than rub it in to avoid tangles. Gently massage the soap into your hair and scalp and rinse out.

There is a transition period where your hair can freak out a bit. Your hair is just adjusting from the harsher chemicals in conventional shampoos but this settles down after a week or so.

You can use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse/spray to speed up the process. Just mix 3 parts water to 1 part good ACV. I add a nice essential oil like sweet orange so it smells good. You can either pour it on your hair and rinse out in the shower or pop it in a spray bottle and spray on after the shower.

I would recommend the ACV rinse or spray after washing as it restores your hairs normal PH, adds shine and helps prevent tangles. This works for me but some people are happy not to.

How do I store my Shampoo Bar?

It is important to keep your shampoo bar dry, it will still work if wet but won’t last as long. You can use a soap dish or I just hang mine in the shower in my soap bag. If you do just make sure it is not getting sprayed on.

Can I use my Shampoo Bar as soap?

That is the fabulous thing about solid shampoo bars is that you can. It is a natural moisturising soap after all. This is also what makes them so good for travelling, especially overseas where you are limited to the amount of liquid you can carry.

So…not only do these save squillions of bottles from the ocean but they are also better for you and more cost effective – so why not make the change?

solid shampoo bars

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