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DIY Reusable Produce Bags

Posted by Kelly via on

Most of us by now have a decent stash of cloth grocery bags for packing up our groceries at the check-out, but still rely on the plastic produce bags for small fruits and veggies.

These easy homemade reusable produce bags are a simple way to reduce the amount of trash your family generates. I made 8 bags in less than an hour using 4 dollars worth of fabric, and have been using them steadily since last summer!

I purchased 1 metre of sheer fabric. Sheer curtain fabric is often much wider than ordinary fabric, so 1 metre was more than enough to make 8 produce bags. You could also recycle an old set of sheer curtains for this project!

Step one:

Cut a square of sheer fabric that is approximately 56 x 40cm 

Step 2: Fold one edge in and stitch to make a casing for the drawstring.

Step 3: Fold in half and stitch the side and bottom closed. Be careful to stitch only up to the bottom of the casing you just made. You want to be able to get your drawstring in later!

Step 4: Zig-zag stitch around the bottom and side that you just sewed to prevent fraying.

Step 5: Turn the bag right-side-out and use a safety pin to push a piece of ribbon or string (I used scrap pieces of bias tape) through the casing and tie the ends together.

Done! Wasn't that easy? Now for the hard part: remembering to take them with you in to the grocery store!


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