Running Shoes

You can drop your old sport shoes at one of the participating Nike stores and they'll be turned into materials for sports courts.

Mobile Phones:

Vodafone nz runs an appeal with the starship hospital where all proceeds from recycle mobiles are donated to the starship foundation , just take your old mobile and accessories such as chargers and batteries to your nearest Vodafone store or you can freepost 223107, starship mobile phone recycling appeal, private bag 208013, manukau 2161. Read more here

Metal Collection Service: Auckland only

Tamaki Sports Academy offers mentoring, coaching, and work experience to South Auckland youth who have dropped out of the mainstream school system but show some sporting talent. A major fundraiser for the academy, and an excellent source of work experience for our members, is the free metal collection service we offer. We will pick up any old metal – computers, whiteware, roofing iron, metal piping, venetian blinds, batteries, car panels, cars, metal shelving, filing cabinets, machinery, lawnmowers, engines, and so on. If you do have any metal rubbish to get rid of, we are keen to pick it up for you. It is a win-win for both of us. Thank you to everyone in advance, and to those who have donated metal to us previously. Contact Tricia Ph 027 5105890 or 09 2760328


If you have a fridge or freezer that is over 10 years old you might want to consider putting it into retirement.

After water heating, the fridge is the biggest household electricity user and the most expensive appliance in your home to run. A modern family fridge/freezer with a 3.5 star energy rating label costs around $100 per year to run. A 10 year old fridge of the same size could be costing you twice that much to run!

Fisher & Paykel are delighted to have teamed up with EECA ENERGYWISE™ to bring you a FREE recycling service for any old working fridges or freezers that are ready to be retired. We will pick up your old working fridge or freezer for FREE regardless of age or brand and it will be recycled to ensure refrigerant gases (which are Ozone depleting) are safely removed and all other materials are re-used.

This service is available throughout greater Auckland (from Waiuku to Helensville), greater Wellington (including Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti, Otaki and Levin) and Christchurch (from Rolleston to Rangiora). Phone 0800 372 335 to arrange a pick up.


What to do with Garden Waste ? 

This is made up of grass clippings, branches, weeds, plants, wood and anything else you pull out of your garden.

  • Turn it into a healthy compost - check out our blog on How to Compost
  • Mulch your lawn clippings and garden waste 
  • Take your garden waster to your nearest transfer station or green waste drop-off point  - refer to your local council for locations
  • Sign up with a green-waste collection company in your area


Computer/E-waste recycling and disposal services

IT Recycle - - Auckland

PC Recycling - - Auckland

Upcycle - - Auckland

Computer Recycling - - Auckland & Nationwide

Zero Waste - - Auckloand & Wellington

Sustainability trust - - Wellington

Molten Media Community Trust - - Christchurch