Ripe Raw Energy Salad

14/11/16 7:45 PM

Raw Energy Salad - ripe delicatessen

This salad is absolutely divine and full of raw scrumminess. I am a salad freak and this is one of my favourites, actually all the salads in the RIPE Deli cook books are to die for. 

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Taking the Crazy out of ChristmasI always like to imagine that Christmas Day will be like the photos in a food magazine; ordered, beautiful, sumptuous, relaxed. I dream of the leisurely roll-out of heavenly brunches and treats, the bubbles, the laughter, the ease. Sea views perhaps. A swim or two.  New potatoes.  The reality however, is sometimes rather different! And the truth is that even when the day itself does resemble my food mag dream, it takes a helluva lot of planning, shopping, and cooking to get it that way.

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Happy Halloween

25/10/16 7:40 PM

halloweenI looove parties and it doesn't take much to find an excuse in our house. This year we will be hosting another Halloween Party. We like to be able to invite all our friends and their families so we try and keep it reasonably healthy and minimise cost and waste (and still have a bit of fun) - I thought we'd share some of our ideas.

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kiwifruit cakeScented with ginger and cinnamon, this honey cake sparkles with seasonal warmth. The sweet, almond batter is flecked with the flesh of kiwifruit, the little black seeds adding an intriguing crunchiness. Occasionally, cream is called for with cake, and this is certainly one of those occasions.

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Why You Should Eat Kiwifruit

10/10/16 11:17 AM

kiwifruitPeople are attracted to kiwifruit because of its brilliant green color and exotic taste. But, the real uniqueness of kiwifruit comes from its health benefits. Here are some benefits of this great little powerfood.

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